December 23, 2009

The Universal Self Esteem...

There is too much to be thankful for. The world's philosophy for you: you’re not good enough--you need to change everything about you--you're not nor will ever be good enough. This speaks the truth; the world wants you to expend all your efforts into getting “better.” The reality is they rip you of your self-respect.
You have too much to live for to let anyone bring you down. It is a wonderful life. You have an eternal plan in store. This plan was made for just you, the individual. The world will not stand by you. God created all to love each and everyone one of his children. Don’t succumb to the world's enticing, it will be the downfall of your esteem. You will never be good enough for them. God will always love, no matter what goes wrong. Trust in him. For this is the reason that you are special--God made you that way.

December 20, 2009

Put Christ back into your Christmas

We forget the meaning every year. All of the hype of the season blinds us to what Christmas really is. Through hunting down the perfect present, and the decorating of our houses to get recognized as having the most holiday cheer, and finally all the bills for the carefully prepared food. All this hustle and bustle to have a seemingly “perfect Christmas” is making us forget the reason for the season.
Christ is the true provider of the Christmas spirit. It was on that starry night in Bethlehem that this holiday was born. An ideal Christmas is centered on Christ. It is important that we remember him for the giver that he was. Not only to remember, but to act on this memory. Giving is an essential part to a Merry Christmas. That is what the true meaning of Christmas is. Slow down and think of our Lord Jesus Christ.