January 28, 2010

Fighting :(

I started to pull out of wal-mart when I spotted two kids fighting in the parking lot.They were going at it, throwing punches,kicks, and I'm pretty sure there was also some biting. I probably should have broke up the fight, but i was stunned. It ended when a Wal-Mart employee broke them up.
If you had saw their anger and their malice towards eachother, you probably would have laughed. When fights are depicted in movies, they are mostly seen as glorious and "awesome". I saw these two teenage kids, display gloryless cat fighting. I just saw two little children fighting on a playground. That is what it felt like.
Unless you are doing it for a sport, dont fight. I couldnt think of a more imature and babyish way to settle a disagreement. Just dont do it, you'll end up looking foolish.

January 24, 2010

Make Schoool FUN...

I apologize for my delay in posting anything new for the past couple of weeks. School is beating me to the ground! Not literally but school does lead me to something I was thinking about…
School is such an important part of our lives. Decisions you are making right now in school, will influence the outcome of your life. The former prophet of my church, President Hinckley said something to the effect of, “the world will pay you for what you’re worth.”
This does not literally mean that we all have a price tag attached to us. It simply means, the amount of knowledge we contain is how the world will treat us. I am mostly speaking to the youth, but to anyone who is no longer a student, it applies. Learning does not stop when classrooms stop.
Never settle for the knowledge you already have. Seek to always learn new things. No matter where you are, or what you are doing, there are opportunities to learn more invaluable things. Don’t allow yourself to set limits on your education. There are no limits on how far you can go. Just push yourself to gain an abiding love for learning, and blessings will be thrust upon you.

January 9, 2010


Unproductive time management kills true potential. Wasting your time can mess you up just as bad as any transgression that can tamper up your life. Although I would not call wasting time a sin, it will affect you in your future.
Time management is hard…Video games, facebook, texting, TV… there is so much that we think we need to do, but what will these really accomplish for you? These all provide convenient ways of fun and communication. Come to reality though, when we are spending countless hours of our lives solely focused on time wasters, we are in some trouble.
A couple of weeks ago, I thought that I was above time management. I felt that I could do all of the time wasters and still pull of getting my homework done, helping around the house, and all the productive things of my life. I was wrong! I was watching TV shows while doing my homework. I was playing Computer games while I was doing my chores. One day I watched 8 hours straight of Smallville. As I think back on it now, I was out of my mind. All of these things seemed to be no big deal at the time. I was apparently out of my mind. And as of now, it is the last week of the term and my grades are down from what they are supposed to be.
Listen! Nothing deserves 8 hours of your time unless it is hard work. In fact nothing deserves even an hour of your time. Your whole life will see great results if you invest your time into something productive. Time management will eventually decide your potential in this world.