January 9, 2010


Unproductive time management kills true potential. Wasting your time can mess you up just as bad as any transgression that can tamper up your life. Although I would not call wasting time a sin, it will affect you in your future.
Time management is hard…Video games, facebook, texting, TV… there is so much that we think we need to do, but what will these really accomplish for you? These all provide convenient ways of fun and communication. Come to reality though, when we are spending countless hours of our lives solely focused on time wasters, we are in some trouble.
A couple of weeks ago, I thought that I was above time management. I felt that I could do all of the time wasters and still pull of getting my homework done, helping around the house, and all the productive things of my life. I was wrong! I was watching TV shows while doing my homework. I was playing Computer games while I was doing my chores. One day I watched 8 hours straight of Smallville. As I think back on it now, I was out of my mind. All of these things seemed to be no big deal at the time. I was apparently out of my mind. And as of now, it is the last week of the term and my grades are down from what they are supposed to be.
Listen! Nothing deserves 8 hours of your time unless it is hard work. In fact nothing deserves even an hour of your time. Your whole life will see great results if you invest your time into something productive. Time management will eventually decide your potential in this world.