March 28, 2010

Patience is a Virtue? Say whatt....

Patience is a virtue… Whenever people say that to me I never even take a second of my time, to think about it. But now that I have taken a moment… it makes no sense to me. And I try to look for some answers about exactly what a virtue is and it still is fuzzy, even on the internet. There has to be a simpler way to define patience than just saying that is a virtue. Simply put, in the dictionary, a virtue is defined as being good. So to be good you have to be good at waiting? Man sometimes waiting blows!
There is more than one kind of patience. Being patient isn’t just about anticipating an upcoming vacation or waiting for the big birthday to come up (I still got about 8 months) Hah, jokes! The type of patience that makes you the best is patience through your trials and tribulations. There is room for patience in every person’s life, no matter what. That means, not every day is going to be a fairytale where a prince and princess gets married and everyone runs around giving each other foot massages. Let’s get real!
Whenever a bad day hits you can let it knock you down or you can stand and fight. By being patient you can accomplish this. Waiting through those days, having an undying faith in Christ, will get you through. You can fight back at life. And I promise if you stand on that firm foundation of Christ, you will survive to see the good days. And you won’t want to be so down to miss those days. Life can be a joy if you let it! As Miss Miley Cyrus would have us know: “It’s The Climb!”
What a great message that this teen Pop star has let us all know the journey will be tough, but you can make it. I have faith in you.

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scrapwordsmom said...

This is GREAT advice, Collin! I do have that firm foundation in Christ and I am so blessed because of it. You know when my family and I accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ it changed our lives forever.

I am so grateful!!!