January 28, 2010

Fighting :(

I started to pull out of wal-mart when I spotted two kids fighting in the parking lot.They were going at it, throwing punches,kicks, and I'm pretty sure there was also some biting. I probably should have broke up the fight, but i was stunned. It ended when a Wal-Mart employee broke them up.
If you had saw their anger and their malice towards eachother, you probably would have laughed. When fights are depicted in movies, they are mostly seen as glorious and "awesome". I saw these two teenage kids, display gloryless cat fighting. I just saw two little children fighting on a playground. That is what it felt like.
Unless you are doing it for a sport, dont fight. I couldnt think of a more imature and babyish way to settle a disagreement. Just dont do it, you'll end up looking foolish.


Lisa Bearnson said...

Collin. Thanks for the wonderful message. Love you. You are such a great son.

Lisa Bearnson said...

Most excellent writing Collin! Thanks for sharing such uplifting posts.
-Megan Mortensen

Nana Vaughan said...

Keep the blog going. I want my grandaughters to read it......Best to you and your blog.